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Service Keeps You Rolling

We provide a broad range of services including cleaning, qualifying, repairing, lining and painting railcars throughout North America.

GATX’s full-service leases deliver quick, convenient service supervised by our team of experts, minimizing disruptions to your operation. GATX handles regulatory issues as adeptly as routine maintenance on railcars.


Our extensive railcar services network includes:



9 of our 15 locations also provide mobile repair services that dispatch to your location for light railcar repairs such as valves, fittings or running repairs


7 Customer Sites delivering full-time service to our high volume customers


8 Fixed Locations offering a full range of services that adhere to the highest standards of quality, performance and efficiency



GATX Interactive Service Site Map

For more information on GATX's service network, click on the country/state to learn more.  Site information is displayed as you hover over the dots on the map.  Click on a dot for detailed site information.  Map controls are located below the map.



GATX’s owned service network, combined with our preferred contract network, make it convenient for customers to have GATX full-service leased railcars maintained across North America to our exacting standards.


GATX focuses on providing quality railcar maintenance while maximizing in-service time for customers. Our goal is to meet or exceed promised completion dates on every railcar. Our account solutions group delivers comprehensive resources and industry expertise to every full-service lease. GATX manages the maintenance activity on railcars, providing compliance and oversight, while seamlessly coordinating an array of GATX-supporting resources including maintenance, engineering, design, environmental, railcar taxes, mileage accounting, and safety.



Additionally, GATX provides innovative solutions, including:

  • Rail supply-chain equipment lease financing

  • Consistent supply of new rail market equipment

  • Railcar conversion capabilities

  • Locomotive modernization

  • Maintenance strategies for improved fleet efficiencies


Click here for a summary of the railcar maintenance process.