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Small Cube Open-Top Hoppers and Gondolas

2,300 - 2,800 cf

These railcars are ideally suited to transport commodities such as industrial minerals, crushed rock, gravel and some grades of sand.



   These GATX railcars are offered in 263,000 to
   286,000 lb gross weights. Our hopper car fleet
   includes cars with doors that are manually
   operated, as well as cars with automatically
   operated doors. Hopper slope sheets are typically
   either 60 degrees, or 45 degrees with a lubricating
   plastic liner for easier discharge. Gondolas typically have reinforced top chords and are designed to be unloaded using a car crawler.



To select the right railcar for your needs, answer these questions:

  • What commodity is being shipped and what is the weight, density, and particle size?
  • Do manually operated or automatic doors best serve the purpose?
  • Is the cargo wet or dry?
  • Does the receiver have the appropriate unloading machinery?
  • What slope sheet angle is required for easy discharge?