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Mill and Coil Gondolas

   Coil Gondolas

   GATX’s coil gondola railcars carry steel coils

   with longitudinal troughs. They can handle an

   estimated load limit of up to 230,000 lb
   based on the 286,000 lb gross rail limit, and
   have end-of-car cushioning. Covered cars
   carry cold rolled steel, while open-top cars
   carry hot-band steel coils.


Mill Gondolas
These open-top cars transport commodities including iron and steel scrap, steel ingots, coiled steel, sheet steel, pipes and other steel products, as well as certain types of solid waste and aggregate materials. GATX’s mill gondolas range from 52 to 66 ft long and are designed to handle loads up to 109 tons. Inside heights are typically 5 to 6 feet.


To select the right railcar for your needs, answer these questions:

  • Does the commodity require a cover?
  • What are the dimensions and weights of the coils to be loaded?