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Medium Cube Open-Top Cars

3,300 – 4,000 cf steel railcars

3,800 – 4,500 cf aluminum- or stainless steel-bodied railcars

Designed to safely and efficiently transport coal or petroleum coke, GATX offers open-top railcars to meet any need.


   With rotary and non-rotary dump capability
   and steel, stainless steel, or aluminum bodies,

   GATX’s medium-cube open-top cars can handle

   up to 120 short tons of capacity. GATX’s hopper

   cars feature automatically or manually operated

   doors with three-, four- and five-pocket

   configurations available.



To select the right railcar for your needs, answer these questions:


  • If a hopper car is selected, do flexibility requirements dictate that it also be equipped with a rotary coupler?
  • Does the receiver prefer air-operated, automatic-discharge doors, or manually-operated hopper doors?
  • Will the shipper benefit from a lighter-weight aluminum car, or is a steel-bodied car preferred due to either commodity temperature or the use of open-flame thaw sheds?
  • What are the dimensional constraints in the loading and unloading locations? Is a rotary dumper used, and what size railcar can fit in the rotary dumper?